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By offering various products and services for academic and vocational instruction, we represent an international teaching and learning ministry that provides community resources and support to educate individuals beyond the classroom through Afro-Caribbean American language, culture, and lifestyle.

About Our Business, Community,

And Publishing Sites

Through our educational enrichment programs,  community hospitality projects, and do-it-yourself [DIY] portfolios, we aim to form a team of like-minded visionaries and missionaries that have a desire to collaborate with our resources and support team as we establish a virtual community in preparation for an actual community. 

About Our Language, Culture,

And Lifestyle

Although we primarily use American English in our international study materials, our community lifestyle is culturally influenced by our Afro-Caribbean American heritage. For that matter, we also use Haitian Creole, Caribbean French, and Caribbean Spanish to successfully advance our God-Given vision and mission globally.

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